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Heat Safety Awareness for Pet Owners

Alabama’s hot, humid summers put pets at increased risk for heatstroke, which can result in life-threatening consequences for pets. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital, PC wants to provide information about this veterinary emergency to help you protect your four-legged friend. Heatstroke in pets Pets don’t sweat like humans do, and must rely [...]

8 Enrichment Recommendations for Your Dog

Dogs need to do dog things, such as sniffing, chewing, foraging, barking, digging, and playing, to be emotionally fulfilled. Enrichment activities provide your dog the opportunity to perform these natural behaviors, to ensure their physical and psychological needs are satisfied. Six enrichment categories are important for a dog’s wellbeing.  Social enrichment — This type provides [...]

Only the Lonely? 6 Signs Your Dog May Have Separation Anxiety

Nobody wants to be left behind, including your pet. But, dogs and cats can’t explain their feelings in a greeting card or a tearful speech—instead their reactions are often mistaken for bad behavior, failed house training, or vengeance. This misunderstanding often leads well-intentioned owners to seek corrective training rather than veterinary care, thus failing to [...]

7 Senior Pet Warning Signs

Some age-related changes in pets are easy to identify because they are similar to ours, including vision loss, “selective hearing,” frequent naps, and a shuffling gait. Other signs may be less noticeable, or hard to distinguish from normal dog or cat behavior, but may signal a significant change in your pet’s health. Knowing what to [...]

The Heavy Truth—Debunking Pet Weight Management Myths

Is your pooch looking pudgy, or your cat a bit curvaceous? They’re not alone—nearly 60 percent of U.S. pets are considered overweight. That amounts to 56 million cats and 50 million dogs. Unfortunately, there’s no safety in numbers—extra pounds increase your pet’s risk for cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, and other devastating conditions.  The team at [...]

Stress-Free Veterinary Visits Begin at Home

Does your dog pump the brakes when you arrive at Town and Country Animal Hospital? Is your cat covered in stress-induced bodily fluids when you extract them from their carrier? Do you put off your pet’s preventive care when they seem healthy, simply to avoid the stress and anxiety caused by a trip to the [...]

3 Common Feline Viral Infections—What They Mean for Your Cat’s Health

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), about 25 percent of U.S. households have at least one cat. Considering the multitude of benefits they provide, it’s no wonder so many favor felines. From kittenhood to their grey whisker years, cats entertain you with their feisty antics, calm you with their gentle purring, and teach [...]

Medicate Without Mayhem—Tips for Administering Your Pet’s Medication

Consider the array of unsavory items your pet will devour—with impeccable timing, of course, such as the middle of your dinner party, when you are meeting the new neighbors, or the first time your teenager brings their boyfriend/girlfriend home for dinner. Yet, the moment you offer them a delicious morsel with the tiniest pill inside, [...]

Life Hack Vector-Borne Diseases with this Simple Fix

We all appreciate a simple fix. That’s why we love duct tape, sticky notes, and microwave dinners. Convenience is exactly what the doctor ordered for filling a need or fixing a problem—not complex equipment, complicated skills, or lots and lots of time. At Town and Country Animal Hospital, our veterinarians want to ensure you know [...]

5 Rules to Successfully Raise Your Cat

While cats are generally considered more low maintenance than dogs, they still require specialized care to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Here are five rules that will help your feline friend remain in tip-top shape.  #1: Feed your cat a healthy diet More than half the United States pet population is overweight or obese, [...]

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