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Understanding Pet Pruritus

Pruritus is a complicated term meaning itchiness. Pruritus in pets can be caused by numerous conditions, and itchy skin can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Our Town & Country Animal Hospital team explains how we address pet pruritus. Potential pet pruritus causes Before we can treat pet pruritus, we must determine the cause, because [...]

At-Home Pet Grooming Tips from a Fancy Pooch

Bonjour! It is I, Fifi the Fabulous! You may recognize me by my glamorous coat and perfectly poofed topknot, which gives me a certain je ne sais quoi. Oui, poodles like me rule the runway in the furry fashion world, and while the average canine companion can't reach the levels of my grandeur without a [...]

Heartworm 101 for Pet Owners

Heartworm disease is a life-threatening but preventable condition that affects more than a million dogs and cats in the United States every year. To help ensure you know how to protect your pet from this infectious disease, our Town & Country Animal Hospital team believes you must understand the facts about heartworm disease, your four-legged [...]

Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or senior pet, their inquisitive nature can get them into trouble. To ensure your four-legged friend avoids household hazards, our Town & Country Animal Hospital team explains how you can make your home pet-friendly and prevent a veterinary emergency. Make your kitchen pet-friendly The kitchen is often the heart [...]

Does My Cat Have Arthritis?

Cats are good at hiding pain, and although your feline friend may have arthritis, you likely don’t realize they have this painful condition. Arthritis Joint pain and decreased mobility can negatively impact your cat’s quality of life (QOL). To help you learn to recognize and manage your cat’s arthritis pain, our Town and Country Animal [...]

Pets and Wellness Screening Test Results

Routine screening tests are an essential part of your pet’s veterinary care and should be performed at every wellness visit. While abnormal test results help our veterinarians identify and treat potential problems promptly, normal test results are also important. Our veterinary team will record your pet’s normal values to use as a comparison and to [...]

8 Common Pet Toxins Hiding in Your Home

You do everything you can to keep your pet safe when you venture out, but you may not be aware of the many hidden dangers located inside your home. Dangerous pet toxins that are hazardous to your pet and may lead to a scary pet emergency can be found in nearly every room of every [...]

9 Facts About Pet Dental Health

The majority of adult pets have some degree of dental disease, which can cause not only significant pain and discomfort but also problems inside their mouth and throughout their body. Our Town & Country Animal Hospital team is concerned about your pet’s oral health, and we offer facts you need to know to protect your [...]

Snap, Crackle, Pop—Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is a familiar term—but do pets experience the same aches and pains as their two-legged guardians? How can you tell if your pet has arthritis? And, can anything be done to help them?  Learn the answers to these questions and more in this Town & Country Animal Hospital guide to arthritis in pets.  Arthritis [...]

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