Pet Obesity Pop Quiz

Is your pet overweight? If so, they could be at increased risk for numerous serious health problems. Our Town & Country Animal Hospital, PC team challenges you to test your knowledge about pet obesity and weight management by taking our pop quiz. The information you learn could help save your furry pal’s life. Question: True [...]

Finicky Felines and Picky Pups: When Your Pet Won’t Eat

Most pets have favorite foods and treats, as well as preferences in ingredients that they gravitate to whenever available to them. In general, though, your furry one should have a good appetite unless they are ill or dealing with an emotional stressor. There are times when a pet just won’t eat their food, and this [...]

Feline Weight Loss Tips In Time for the New Year

An indoor cat has fewer opportunities to hunt, prowl, explore, climb and run. Add to their general sedentary lifestyle an overabundance of food, and you have a recipe for weight gain. This imbalance of calories in, but not expended, can lead to inflammation, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and a lower quality of life. [...]

Is it Safe to Run with Your Dog? It Can Be!

As a group, dogs are typically ecstatic to leash up and hit the pavement. Sure, many prefer a brisk walk to a full gallop, but a large portion of dogs really, really like to tear it up. If your pup initiates a run, chances are, they’re built for the activity and have the endurance to [...]

Super-Sized? Recognizing and Managing Feline Obesity

More than half of all domestic felines in America are considered overweight or obese, an unfortunate trend that continues to climb. With our own species hovering dangerously close to the same statistic, it’s time for all of us to get motivated. When signs of feline obesity are recognized early on, the future is brighter and happier. [...]

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