Life Hack Vector-Borne Diseases with this Simple Fix

We all appreciate a simple fix. That’s why we love duct tape, sticky notes, and microwave dinners. Convenience is exactly what the doctor ordered for filling a need or fixing a problem—not complex equipment, complicated skills, or lots and lots of time. At Town and Country Animal Hospital, our veterinarians want to ensure you know [...]

Let’s Go Lower—in Heartworm-Positive Dogs

Weakened and pale, the dog labors to breathe, because hundreds of foot-long worms are blocking the blood flow through their heart. The worms have been growing and breeding for a while, and they now threaten to end the dog's life. This scenario is real for too many dogs in our state. In 2013, Alabama reported [...]

Don’t Stop Believing Your Pet Needs Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Winter may be here, but the lower temperatures don’t give you permission to take a break from your pet’s parasite prevention program. Parasites can be extremely problematic for your pet, and many are active all year long, especially in Alabama where the temperatures are so mild. Our Town and Country Animal Hospital PC team explains [...]

Enough to Tick You Off: What Can Happen When Parasite Prevention Lapses

Unless you’re an entomologist, parasites probably bug you. They’re creepy, crawly, and have the potential to cause all sorts of health problems in your pet. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are the main offenders, but with year-round parasite prevention you can kick them to the proverbial curb. No Fleas! Please? Fleas get inside the home via [...]

Beware the Bugs! Is Your Pet Protected From Parasites?

Springtime is the time for getting outdoors! And what could be better than hanging out on the deck or going for a walk with your four-legged companion? Of course, this season not only prompts us to come out of winter slumber and become more active, it’s also prime time for parasites. While these pests are [...]

Parasite Roulette? Beat the Odds With Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

There are many things we enjoy doing year-round, but being bitten by mosquitos is definitely not one of them. While other parts of the country may get a seasonal break from all the buzzing and itching, we Alabamians must endure these disease-spreading pests year-round. However, the danger of these blood-suckers goes way beyond Zika and [...]

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