Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Pets

Spring has sprung and, with the balmier weather, the insect population has sprung along with this season. Among the most annoying pests is the mosquito, but this tiny insect is more than a pest because it can cause deadly or debilitating diseases in your pet.  You have likely heard about heartworm disease, but did you [...]

How to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites in Pets

Have you ever watched in horror as your cat or dog chomps wildly at the air, trying to catch a wasp that has a huge stinger? Most often, a winged menace can make a clean getaway, but sometimes your pet’s persistent pursuit ends with your furry pal getting stung. However, bees and wasps aren’t the [...]

Understanding Pet Pruritus

Pruritus is a complicated term meaning itchiness. Pruritus in pets can be caused by numerous conditions, and itchy skin can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Our Town & Country Animal Hospital team explains how we address pet pruritus. Potential pet pruritus causes Before we can treat pet pruritus, we must determine the cause, because [...]

Heartworm 101 for Pet Owners

Heartworm disease is a life-threatening but preventable condition that affects more than a million dogs and cats in the United States every year. To help ensure you know how to protect your pet from this infectious disease, our Town & Country Animal Hospital team believes you must understand the facts about heartworm disease, your four-legged [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About Parasitic Diseases

Most pets are targeted by parasites at some point in their life, and in some cases they can cause significant health issues. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital, PC wants to provide information about some common parasitic pet diseases to help you safeguard your pet. What pet owners should know about heartworms in [...]

12 Reasons Your Pet Needs Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

Spring is here, and so is the annual resurgence of heartworm disease-carrying mosquitoes. And while warmer weather certainly creates an insect population boom, dismissing heartworm disease as only a fair weather threat puts your pet in serious danger.  This parasitic disease is now more prevalent than ever, affecting more than one million pets every year, [...]

Life Hack Vector-Borne Diseases with this Simple Fix

We all appreciate a simple fix. That’s why we love duct tape, sticky notes, and microwave dinners. Convenience is exactly what the doctor ordered for filling a need or fixing a problem—not complex equipment, complicated skills, or lots and lots of time. At Town and Country Animal Hospital, our veterinarians want to ensure you know [...]

Let’s Go Lower—in Heartworm-Positive Dogs

Weakened and pale, the dog labors to breathe, because hundreds of foot-long worms are blocking the blood flow through their heart. The worms have been growing and breeding for a while, and they now threaten to end the dog's life. This scenario is real for too many dogs in our state. In 2013, Alabama reported [...]

Don’t Stop Believing Your Pet Needs Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Winter may be here, but the lower temperatures don’t give you permission to take a break from your pet’s parasite prevention program. Parasites can be extremely problematic for your pet, and many are active all year long, especially in Alabama where the temperatures are so mild. Our Town and Country Animal Hospital PC team explains [...]

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