How to Care for a French Bulldog: A Complete Guide

Over the past few years, the French bulldog breed has become increasingly popular because of these dogs’ sweet, lovey-dovey nature and bright, bat-eared cuteness. The French bulldog, or Frenchie, is seen everywhere nowadays, and the breed’s wrinkled forehead, short, muscular stature, and signature big ears just beg for attention. But all these unique characteristics also [...]

8 Enrichment Recommendations for Your Dog

Dogs need to do dog things, such as sniffing, chewing, foraging, barking, digging, and playing, to be emotionally fulfilled. Enrichment activities provide your dog the opportunity to perform these natural behaviors, to ensure their physical and psychological needs are satisfied. Six enrichment categories are important for a dog’s wellbeing.  Social enrichment — This type provides [...]

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they still have times that drive their humans crazy. Sometimes rambunctious canines dig in the lawn, in your garden, and even in the couch cushions! Digging is as much of an instinctual behavior for dogs as barking and sniffing. Unfortunately for owners, digging holes is irritating at best and can [...]

Help! My Dog Chews Everything!

There are so many wonderful canine behavioral traits that make the less desirable ones easier to tolerate. We’re talking about those long soulful gazes into your eyes, the ability to catch a Frisbee in midair, and the precise way they anticipate events, like meals or getting to ride in the car. Are these characteristics positive enough to [...]

World’s Smartest Dog Breeds

For humans, intelligence and smarts can come in many different forms. It is no different when it comes to dog breeds! “Smart” can mean many things depending on the dog themselves. Different dog breeds come with different traits, and each pet is unique in their intelligence and ability. Some dog breeds are more motivated by [...]

How to Prevent Car Sickness in Your Pet

Many animals are able to enjoy a car ride without experiencing the sensation known as motion sickness. However, this is not the case for all animals, and traveling by car may be a necessary part of a pet’s life. So what can pet owners do to help prevent their beloved animal companion from feeling car [...]

The Itchiest Issue: Skin Problems in Pets

It is hard to watch your best furry friend chronically scratch and bite at the skin. Skin problems in pets, though, are a common occurrence often caused by untreated allergies. Other diseases contribute to skin issues in dogs and cats, as well as dehydration and diet. To uncover the conditions that cause skin problems, your [...]

Leashes and Leads: Dog Leash Safety

Walking your pets can be a rewarding experience for both you and your furry family members. Exercise, fresh air, and spending quality time together are just some of the benefits of leashed walking with your pet. The team at Town & Country Animal Hospital have put together some pet leash safety tips to keep your companions safe [...]

Ew, Don’t! Just Don’t! 8 Things Your Dog Hates

We’d like to consider our canine companions one of the most laid back friends we know. After all, they tolerate our baby talk, pretty much are down for whatever (as long as it is with us), and love ample quality time on the couch. Still, there are distinct preferences among your pals that include ones most dogs [...]

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