4 Signs Your Pet Needs a Vet Visit

When your pet devours a bag of chocolates or comes inside holding up their painful paw, you know you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. However, some signs that your pet needs veterinary care are more subtle, and difficult for pet owners to determine whether they should be worried. Any change in your pet’s behavior [...]

Hello, K-911?—Preventing Common Pet Emergencies

As our beloved four-legged friends’ guardians and caretakers, we’re willing to do everything we can to protect them. However, accidents and emergencies can happen, and may leave us wondering—could this have been prevented? Often, the answer is “Yes.” To help you, the Town and Country Animal Hospital team has compiled the best emergency-prevention tips.  Keep [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Alabama Snake Bite Prevention

Pets have a habit of sticking their noses into places best left unexplored, and some of these spots can host hidden snakes. Approximately 40 snake species reside in Alabama, but only six are venomous. However, you want to prevent any snake from biting your pet, venomous or not, as the bite from a nonvenomous snake [...]

First Things First: Pet First Aid

“The sound of screeching tires sent me running to the front yard. The thing I dreaded most had happened. Someone left the door open, and our puppy darted into the street.”  The team at Town & Country Animal Hospital knows that you naturally feel upset when your pet needs urgent care. But if you are [...]

Calling Dr. Google: The Dangers of Online Veterinary Advice

When something seems “off” with your pet, it can be tempting to jump online and Google their symptoms rather than making an appointment with your veterinarian. The internet can be a wonderful source of information, but it can also be dangerous if the websites you find are outdated or inaccurate. Dr. Google has its place [...]

Prevent a Pet Poisoning: Limit Pesticides and Rodenticides

Rodents are never far from our houses, garbage bins, and picnic tables. They multiply, cause damage or destruction, and even have the potential to spread disease. While a quick, easy application of rodenticide may help control their numbers, rodents can live between 12 hours and 2 days before the poison eventually kills them. In that [...]

Pet 911: How to Recognize and Respond to a Pet Emergency

It’s a familiar story for anyone with a pet…something seems off, but what? Is it normal for a dog to vomit more than once? Could it be an upset stomach? Or maybe you’re out in the backyard when your cat shows up a little wobbly with signs she got into a brawl with another animal. [...]

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