Why Pet Cold Safety Is a Good Idea

Chilly temperatures and other winter hazards can put pets in danger. During this time of year, you need to take precautions to avoid a pet emergency. You don’t have to stay inside with your pet until spring, but you should consider your pet’s safety during winter activities. To help ensure you know how to keep [...]

How to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites in Pets

Have you ever watched in horror as your cat or dog chomps wildly at the air, trying to catch a wasp that has a huge stinger? Most often, a winged menace can make a clean getaway, but sometimes your pet’s persistent pursuit ends with your furry pal getting stung. However, bees and wasps aren’t the [...]

Holiday Pet Tips in Tune With Safety

As you can tell by the music now playing in stores, the holiday season is here. Life is about to become a whole lot jollier—and a whole lot busier. To help you prepare your pet for a safe holiday season, our Town & Country Animal Hospital PC team offers you a fun way to keep [...]

Heat Safety Awareness for Pet Owners

Alabama’s hot, humid summers put pets at increased risk for heatstroke, which can result in life-threatening consequences for pets. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital, PC wants to provide information about this veterinary emergency to help you protect your four-legged friend. Heatstroke in pets Pets don’t sweat like humans do, and must rely [...]

Seasonal Adjustments: Keeping Winter Pet Safety Top of Mind

When Old Man Winter comes to town he can bring varied temperatures, rain, sleet, and bitter cold. Pets, too, are exposed to different hazards during winter than at other times of year. To keep your pet protected through the cold months, your friends at Town and Country Animal Hospital are here to give you the scoop on winter pet [...]

Heat Exhaustion in Pets Is Nothing to Sneeze At

As is the case with most catastrophes, heat exhaustion in pets sneaks up on owners. By the time symptoms are noticeable, the situation can be barreling toward perilous at a frighteningly fast pace. The good news is that heat exhaustion in pets is entirely preventable! Minimizing your pet’s exposure to the heat is the best [...]

Your Pet’s Cold Weather Request? Winter Paw Care, Please!

We share our modern lives with special animals whose ancestors successfully adapted over the course of hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Sure, our pets are now highly accustomed to regular meals, affection, and comfort, but that doesn’t mean they don’t often answer to some of their inherited instincts. With winter paw care, [...]

Sweater Weather: How To Practice Fall Pet Safety

If the autumn season has you thinking about football, crisp days, yummy soups, you’re not alone. Fall is a great time to be outdoors with your pet, too. For dogs, nothing beats a romp in the leaves or a sniff through the hay; and your kitty is probably relishing those midday sunbeams as the days [...]

Summertime Blues: Common Causes of Summer Pet Anxiety

Does your pet hide in the bathroom when summertime thunderstorms hit? Or, do they try to get under the bed when the 4th of July fireworks start in your neighborhood? As many of us know, sometimes our pets suffer from fears and anxiety. In the summer, we have a few situations that we know are [...]

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