How to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites in Pets

Have you ever watched in horror as your cat or dog chomps wildly at the air, trying to catch a wasp that has a huge stinger? Most often, a winged menace can make a clean getaway, but sometimes your pet’s persistent pursuit ends with your furry pal getting stung. However, bees and wasps aren’t the [...]

The Pet Owner’s Guide to Noise Aversion

If your pet becomes anxious or fearful during noisy events, such as thunderstorms or fireworks displays, they may be suffering from a condition known as noise aversion, a common yet often misunderstood issue in pets. Noise aversion affects approximately 67% of dogs and many cats in the United States, causing significant distress and a negative [...]

Understanding Pet Pruritus

Pruritus is a complicated term meaning itchiness. Pruritus in pets can be caused by numerous conditions, and itchy skin can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Our Town & Country Animal Hospital team explains how we address pet pruritus. Potential pet pruritus causes Before we can treat pet pruritus, we must determine the cause, because [...]

Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or senior pet, their inquisitive nature can get them into trouble. To ensure your four-legged friend avoids household hazards, our Town & Country Animal Hospital team explains how you can make your home pet-friendly and prevent a veterinary emergency. Make your kitchen pet-friendly The kitchen is often the heart [...]

Does My Cat Have Arthritis?

Cats are good at hiding pain, and although your feline friend may have arthritis, you likely don’t realize they have this painful condition. Arthritis Joint pain and decreased mobility can negatively impact your cat’s quality of life (QOL). To help you learn to recognize and manage your cat’s arthritis pain, our Town and Country Animal [...]

Pets and Wellness Screening Test Results

Routine screening tests are an essential part of your pet’s veterinary care and should be performed at every wellness visit. While abnormal test results help our veterinarians identify and treat potential problems promptly, normal test results are also important. Our veterinary team will record your pet’s normal values to use as a comparison and to [...]

Pet Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween

Bags of candy, jack o’ lanterns, your scariest costume, and…pet safety? Is pet safety on your to-do list this Halloween? It definitely should be. While the season of witches and ghouls is right around the corner, toxic treats and other risks to pets can soon follow without the right precautions. Halloween is a great time [...]

AAHA Accreditation and What It Means for You

You may have heard that we are proud at Town & Country Animal Hospital to be AAHA accredited. Even though that may sound impressive, many people don’t know what that means. Read on to learn about AAHA accreditation and what it means for you and your four-legged family member. AAHA Accreditation AAHA stands for the American Animal [...]

Why Well Pet Exams are Essential to Your Pet’s Health

Each year, you may get a reminder from your doctor that it’s time for your annual physical. These pet exams are often the first time changes in health or underlying illnesses are identified, making them essential to preventive medicine. The same is true for well pet exams. Because pets age much more rapidly than humans, these [...]

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