We’d like to consider our canine companions one of the most laid back friends we know. After all, they tolerate our baby talk, pretty much are down for whatever (as long as it is with us), and love ample quality time on the couch. Still, there are distinct preferences among your pals that include ones most dogs despise.

Are you wondering what it is you do that your dog dislikes? Look no further. The team at Town and Country Animal Hospital is here to give you the rundown on 8 things your dog hates.

I Hate That!

Your dog may seem like the uncomplaining sort, but all animals have their preferences in what is pleasurable or agreeable to them. There are many things we think are adorable when it comes from doggie interaction, that is uncomfortable for your canine, like some of these behaviors.

  • Hugging/Kissing – While your pet is doggo about you, too, the act of hugging may be scary to them. Placing your arms around their neck feels restrictive, and by putting your face in theirs, you are setting yourself up for a nip. Most dogs don’t like anything to constrict their neck, naturally.
  • Making direct eye contact – Staring down an unknown dog is a recipe for disaster. Dogs perceive direct stares as a challenge and will try and measure up. Glance at your dog sideways and approach all strange dogs only when the owner allows.
  • Not establishing rules – Dogs, like children, need rules to go by in life. If your dog is given no direction, obedience training, or indication of what they can do to earn the title of a “good boy/girl” it can be very confusing or frustrating to them. And, dangerous when it comes to their safety.
  • Forcing your dog to play with other dogs – Not every dog is sociable or enjoys strange dogs. This forced interaction can make your pup anxious or fearful, and in some cases, this can lead to a fight.
  • Touching their feet – Most dogs, while enjoying scratches and pats, dislike having their feet and nails touched. You’ve probably noticed this when you attempt to trim their nails. Obviously, that is a grooming need, but in general avoid touching your dog’s tootsies.
  • Leave them alone – There are times that we must leave our furry loved ones, but dogs don’t thrive when they are left alone for long periods of time. If you work long hours, consider hiring a dog walker to come by and exercise your pet, as well as give them some attention.
  • Prevent them from sniffing – Dogs need to express their natural behaviors and sniffing and marking their territory. It’s an important way for them to communicate to other dogs. Consider that the walk and these sniff sessions are integral to enrichment and exercise.

Things Your Dog Hates

There is a reason why dogs rank as man’s best friend – they are one of the most agreeable and friendly species around! But there are limits to our interactions with them.

The bottom line: if your dog is uncomfortable with the interaction, don’t do it. And never let kids tease Fido because this sets everyone up for a potential bite. If you would like more information on things your dog hates, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.