All cat owners know their feline friends are…particular. While it’s not possible to cater to your cat’s every whim, working to create an environment where they feel happy and comfortable benefits everyone in the household. Not only do happy cats have less behavior problems (aggression, hiding, or eliminating outside the litter box) they make better companions overall.

At Town & Country Animal Hospital we know cats. Although every pet is an individual, we feel confident that our list of the top ten things cats hate will hit the mark for the majority of our feline friends.

Ten Things Cats Hate

  • Loud noises – Many cats are easily spooked by loud noises. Thunder, fireworks, doors slamming, vacuum cleaners – pretty much anything unexpected can startle a cat!
  • Carrier/car rides – Every cat owner is familiar with the cold dread associated with having to put Kitty in the carrier. The car ride to the veterinarian’s office can be just as harrowing. Getting your cat acclimated to their carrier and to the car as early on as possible can help.
  • Being alone – Cats may act independent and aloof, but they need companionship as much as any other creature. Behavior problems can result if a cat is left alone or ignored too often.
  • Competition from other cats – Cats are territorial by nature and even indoor cats can become jealous of other household cats or even react aggressively towards the sight of another cat outside the home. If you have more than one cat, be sure to give them both plenty of attention and provide lots of separate areas for them to retreat to.
  • A dirty litter box – No one likes to use a dirty bathroom, cats included. Scoop your kitty’s box daily and change the litter and clean the box about every two weeks to prevent problems.
  • Stale food – Unlike dogs, who will happily devour pretty much anything, most cats turn their noses up at food that has been left in their bowl too long (plus bad bacteria can start to accumulate after only 30 minutes). To reduce waste, feed smaller portions.
  • Nail trims – Unless you acclimated your cat to having their feet handled as kittens, chances are good your furry friend hates having their nails trimmed. We are happy to give your cat’s nails a trim the next time they are in to see us!
  • Too much petting – If you’ve ever been calmly petting a cat only to suddenly be bitten or scratched, you’ve experienced what happens when a cat is overstimulated. Getting to know your cat’s body language will help you understand where and how they like to be petted, and for how long.
  • Medication – Ever tried giving medication to a cat? This is definitely one of the more unpleasant aspects of cat ownership, but is nevertheless necessary at times. Pill pockets work for some cats, as does coating pills with butter or cream cheese. Team up with another trusted adult to administer oral medication.
  • Being wet – Your cat may enjoy batting at a stream of water from the faucet, but chances are good they would react negatively to a dunking. Most cats dislike getting wet, but certain breeds, such as the Turkish Van, actually enjoy swimming.
  • Change – Cats are creatures of habit, and disruptions to the daily schedule can disturb them deeply. During a major life event such as a move, the departure of a family member, or the addition of a new baby or pet, strive to keep your cat’s schedule as close to normal as possible to minimize stress.
Do you have any questions or concerns about your sweet kitty? We’re here for you! Don’t hesitate to contact our team for help or to schedule an appointment for your pet.