This time of year, we’re all in “celebration mode.” Starting with Thanksgiving, we spend the entire month of December enjoying festivities, which all culminate on New Year’s Eve. Many of us take this time to pause, take stock of the previous year, and reposition ourselves to meet new goals in the coming months. In short, there’s no better time for reflection.

At Town & Country Animal Hospital , our mission is to provide excellent care to pets in the Athens area community. This includes brainstorming and writing monthly pet care blogs. The goal of these blogs is to supply our growing group of local pet owners with relevant and timely information.

Town & Country Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs of the Year

Topics covered in our pet care blog range from preventive measures (like the benefits of dental care) to supportive veterinary modalities (such as We hope you enjoyed our pet care blogs of 2018. Without further ado, here are our top 5 most popular blogs of the year:

#5: How to Prevent a Pet Poisoning
Responsible pet owners spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep their pets safe. Sometimes, however, a pet’s curiosity or boredom aligns with a rare opportunity, and before you know it, you’ve got a pet poisoning on your hands. Without a doubt, we bring lots of potentially dangerous items into our homes. Whether it’s plants, food, medications, or chemicals, your pet’s domain could be full of hazards. Keep reading…

#4: What You Need To Know Before Traveling With Pets
It wouldn’t be summer without the quintessential summer vacation. Whether you’re zipping off for a quick weekend road trip or have a more leisurely plan in mind, bringing your pet along for the ride can add an element of fun and laughter to your adventure. Keep reading…

#3:Summertime Blues: Common Causes of Summer Pet Anxiety
Does your pet hide in the bathroom when summertime thunderstorms hit? Or, do they try to get under the bed when the 4th of July fireworks start in your neighborhood? As many of us know, sometimes our pets suffer from fears and anxiety. In the summer, we have a few situations that we know are going to trigger these fearful behaviors.Read on!

#2: Is it Safe to Run with Your Dog? It Can Be!
As a group, dogs are typically ecstatic to leash up and hit the pavement. Sure, many prefer a brisk walk to a full gallop, but a large portion of dogs really, really like to tear it up. If your pup initiates a run, chances are, they’re built for the activity and have the endurance to make it fun. If you’re thinking about taking a run with your dog, there are few things to consider before heading out. Continue reading…

#1: The Best Ways to Protect Your Pet From Dangerous Predators
We all know the feelings of frustration and futility when you call your pet inside only to be coolly ignored. This resistance tends to happen around dusk, when the opportunity to experience the emerging darkness is savored and shared by pets and predators alike. It’s easy to have a sense of security in our own backyards, but it’s important to know that your pet can be at risk anywhere. Read on!

Happy New Year!

Our veterinarians and staff are grateful to you for reading our pet care blogs. We truly enjoyed writing them, and we hope they continue to be a helpful resource to you and your family.

From all of us, we wish you and your pet a happy (and safe) new year! We’ll see you in 2019!