The best things in life really do come in small packages. Kittens are among the most delightful surprises out there, and their extreme cuteness helps them achieve high adoption rates.Placing their darling qualities aside, kittens don’t come equipped with everything they need to survive. And while it’s less than a car load of stuff, certain items are essential for even basic kitten care.

First, the Prep

Humans have low impulse control when it comes to kittens. Indeed, it’s incredibly common for people to give into a whim after laying eyes on a kitty cutie pie.

This is not to say that an impulsive adoption can’t be successful, but it is really important to take the time to fully consider the long term implications of adoption.

For Keeps

Thanks to high-level owner involvement and modern veterinary care, cats can easily live two decades and sometimes longer. As such, prospective cat owners must be able to provide lifelong care for a kitten, well after they grow into adulthood. We can assure you that senior cats are equally loving and adorable (and they certainly don’t bounce off the walls the ways kittens can!).

Basic Kitten Care

Kittens need certain supplies, including:

Food is a big deal to growing kittens. They may need to eat 2-3 times a day. Always provide fresh drinking water, and monitor them at meal times. We can help you find the right food for your growing kitten’s needs.

Social Creatures

If it fits your budget and lifestyle, consider adopting 2 kittens from the same litter. This companionship is important to cats as they are very social animals. Littermates can groom each other, play together, and provide warmth and comfort.

Additionally, set aside at least 2 sessions a day, lasting 30 minutes or more, of simple play time, snuggling, and getting to know one another. Give them high-value enrichment opportunities to build their skills, and always provide options for daily exercise.

Home Security

Cats feel at ease when they are high up. Provide a cat tree or perch to relax your kitten and help them adjust to their new environment.

It’s essential to kitten-proof your house prior to adoption. Be sure that window screens are secure, doors and latches work well, and there aren’t hiding places they could get stuck inside of. Place wires, cords, ear phones, and knitting baskets out of reach.

Looking Good

A vital component of kitten care is grooming. While they’re still young, introduce your kitten to tooth brushing, nail trimming, and coat brushing. These are things that will help them look and feel great their entire lives, and can give you a chance to observe any changes or developments to their health and wellness.

The Whole Package

As soon as you bring your kitten home, we recommend scheduling their first wellness exam. We can help your kitten start off on the right paw by establishing their parasite prevention, and administering vaccinations, as well as schedule their spay/neuter surgery.

Town & Country Animal Hospital is always here to help. Our veterinarians and staff members can’t wait to meet your new kitten. Congrats!