Each year, you may get a reminder from your doctor that it’s time for your annual physical. These pet exams are often the first time changes in health or underlying illnesses are identified, making them essential to preventive medicine.

The same is true for well pet exams. Because pets age much more rapidly than humans, these exams are integral to slowing the effects of age, as well as offering supportive care for a lifetime of emotional and physical well-being.

What’s Included in the Exam?

What’s covered during your pet’s wellness exam depends on a few factors – namely age, current health status, and whether you’ve reported any changes or problems in your pet’s condition.

Wellness care is categorized by life stage: puppy/kitten, adult, and senior. Each life stage requires different types of care and attention that shape your pet’s needs. This includes nutritional support, exercise modifications, and additional testing for certain diseases that coincide with age.

At Town and Country Animal Hospital, our exams include the following:

  • Thorough physical
  • Dental exam and instruction for at-home care
  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Life stage and health-specific diagnostics (may include urinalysis, fecal exam, blood count, thyroid test, etc.)
  • Nutrition and weight assessment
  • Vaccinations and parasite prevention (tailored to your pet)
  • Consultation
The purpose of a well pet exam is to ensure your pet is healthy, to prevent the onset of disease and illness, and to slow the aging process and associated conditions through preventive medicine and at-home care.

Well Pet Exams Empower Pet Owners

Another essential component of the well pet exam is the opportunity for owners to ask questions and express concerns. Because you spend so much time with your fur friend, you know him or her better than anyone. Annual appointments allow you to discuss diet and meal portions, appropriate exercise, behavioral challenges, and so much more. In addition, we can also provide educational resources and referrals to specialists (if needed).

Your pet’s wellness exam covers the preventive care needs that are specific to your four-legged friend. It strengthens the pet health partnership we have with our clients and empowers owners to give their pets the best possible lives.

To learn more about our approach to pet wellness, please contact our team.