Improve Pet Safety at Home During the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is a busy time of year when your home might look a little different. With bright lights, decorations, holiday treats, and house guests, your household may hold more potential dangers to your pet during the winter season. Since your pets rely on you to keep them safe, it’s important to take extra precautions [...]

Tips on Treating and Preventing Pancreatitis in Cats

Your cat’s pancreas is a busy little organ. It produces valuable digestive enzymes and critical hormones like insulin. Unfortunately, it can become inflamed, which results in a condition known as cat pancreatitis. This inflammation can be sudden (acute) or ongoing (chronic). Acute pancreatitis comes on abruptly, but with rapid, often aggressive, treatment, acute pancreatitis can [...]

Pookie’s Pet-rifying Party—Halloween Pet Safety

Pookie the Pekingese is neighborhood royalty, so when the doorbell starts ringing on October 31, he’s sure one of his many adoring fans has come to play, or to deliver a box full of treats and toys. But, when the door is opened and he sees a skeleton and a four-foot-tall black cat, Pookie is [...]

Battling the Booms: Keeping Your Pet Safe on July Fourth

As July Fourth rolls around, you may be looking forward to hosting the biggest cookout of the year, lounging in your pool, and gazing at your neighborhood fireworks show. However, your four-legged friend likely doesn’t feel the same way about this sizzling, cacophonous holiday. In fact, a July Fourth celebration can pose serious dangers to [...]

Giving Back: Volunteering With Your Pet During the Holidays

The winter holidays are typically a time when we think of others and those less fortunate than ourselves. Even in our own holiday hustle and bustle, many of us bake for the neighbors, share holiday meals and festivals, and perhaps even volunteer in our community. Pet owners know that our animals provide us with unconditional [...]

Summertime Blues: Common Causes of Summer Pet Anxiety

Does your pet hide in the bathroom when summertime thunderstorms hit? Or, do they try to get under the bed when the 4th of July fireworks start in your neighborhood? As many of us know, sometimes our pets suffer from fears and anxiety. In the summer, we have a few situations that we know are [...]

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