At-Home Pet Grooming Tips from a Fancy Pooch

Bonjour! It is I, Fifi the Fabulous! You may recognize me by my glamorous coat and perfectly poofed topknot, which gives me a certain je ne sais quoi. Oui, poodles like me rule the runway in the furry fashion world, and while the average canine companion can't reach the levels of my grandeur without a [...]

Understanding Anal Glands: A Stinky Proposition 

Whether you realize it or not, if your pet has ever drug his rear end over your carpet, you have probably encountered the anal gland. A developmental remnant, anal glands in the canine species are not quite as highly evolved as those of the skunk, but they serve a similar purpose:  to relay a message [...]

Your Pet’s Cold Weather Request? Winter Paw Care, Please!

We share our modern lives with special animals whose ancestors successfully adapted over the course of hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Sure, our pets are now highly accustomed to regular meals, affection, and comfort, but that doesn’t mean they don’t often answer to some of their inherited instincts. With winter paw care, [...]

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