The Heavy Truth—Debunking Pet Weight Management Myths

Is your pooch looking pudgy, or your cat a bit curvaceous? They’re not alone—nearly 60 percent of U.S. pets are considered overweight. That amounts to 56 million cats and 50 million dogs. Unfortunately, there’s no safety in numbers—extra pounds increase your pet’s risk for cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, and other devastating conditions.  The team at [...]

Stress-Free Veterinary Visits Begin at Home

Does your dog pump the brakes when you arrive at Town and Country Animal Hospital? Is your cat covered in stress-induced bodily fluids when you extract them from their carrier? Do you put off your pet’s preventive care when they seem healthy, simply to avoid the stress and anxiety caused by a trip to the [...]

Medicate Without Mayhem—Tips for Administering Your Pet’s Medication

Consider the array of unsavory items your pet will devour—with impeccable timing, of course, such as the middle of your dinner party, when you are meeting the new neighbors, or the first time your teenager brings their boyfriend/girlfriend home for dinner. Yet, the moment you offer them a delicious morsel with the tiniest pill inside, [...]

Did You Know? 7 Facts About Allergies In Pets

Allergies can affect pets the same way they affect people, but with a few key differences. Here are seven facts you need to know about allergies that are making your furry pal itchy and miserable. #1: Pets most commonly suffer from environmental allergies Atopic dermatitis, or environmental allergies, can make your pet miserable year-round, or [...]

The Power of the Human-Animal Bond

Without question, the bond you share with your pets is a two-way, judgment-free connection that delivers benefits to both you and to your animal companions. At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we’re here to help nurture the relationship you have with your pets through a lifetime of quality veterinary care, training tips, and plenty of support when you [...]

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they still have times that drive their humans crazy. Sometimes rambunctious canines dig in the lawn, in your garden, and even in the couch cushions! Digging is as much of an instinctual behavior for dogs as barking and sniffing. Unfortunately for owners, digging holes is irritating at best and can [...]

Improve Pet Safety at Home During the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is a busy time of year when your home might look a little different. With bright lights, decorations, holiday treats, and house guests, your household may hold more potential dangers to your pet during the winter season. Since your pets rely on you to keep them safe, it’s important to take extra precautions [...]

World’s Smartest Dog Breeds

For humans, intelligence and smarts can come in many different forms. It is no different when it comes to dog breeds! “Smart” can mean many things depending on the dog themselves. Different dog breeds come with different traits, and each pet is unique in their intelligence and ability. Some dog breeds are more motivated by [...]

How to Prevent Car Sickness in Your Pet

Many animals are able to enjoy a car ride without experiencing the sensation known as motion sickness. However, this is not the case for all animals, and traveling by car may be a necessary part of a pet’s life. So what can pet owners do to help prevent their beloved animal companion from feeling car [...]

How to Stop an Excited Pet from Peeing on the Floor

You’re making your way in the front door and your dog excitedly runs up to greet you… but then they squat and pee with excitement. Peeing while excited is a behavior that your dog may do to show submission or other feelings they are trying to convey. This behavior is more common in puppies and [...]

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