The Perks of a Well Socialized Pup

For your puppy, everything is new and exciting, and sometimes scary. Every first experience they have with an outside force—other dogs, people, the vacuum cleaner, nail clippers, baths—can shape the way they view this particular object or experience in the future. During the formative socialization period (i.e., 3 to 12 weeks of age), ensure new [...]

Polite Puppy Pointers

While all puppies are cute, well-behaved, polite puppies are the cutest, but your puppy needs training to understand appropriate behavior, and how to mind their manners. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to help. We provide pointers to teach your puppy how to be polite, so they will become a well-behaved, confident [...]

Sign of the Times: Puppy Socialization During Social Distancing

Pet adoptions have skyrocketed since the pandemic, owing to long stretches of time at home isolated from others. This is great news for shelters across the country, and the positive impact on pets and their people alike has been incredible. While there’s much more close time together at home, puppies may have a harder time [...]

When It Comes to Basic Kitten Care, More Is Better

The best things in life really do come in small packages. Kittens are among the most delightful surprises out there, and their extreme cuteness helps them achieve high adoption rates.Placing their darling qualities aside, kittens don’t come equipped with everything they need to survive. And while it’s less than a car load of stuff, certain [...]

Scientifically Proven: Pets are Good for You

In our pet-centric culture, it’s not surprising that a variety of businesses allow their employees to bring their four-legged best friends to work. Amazon, Google, Bissell, Nestle Purina, and Ticketmaster are leading the pack when it comes to this trend. They believe it results in lower stress levels, higher productivity, and greater retention. Of course, [...]

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