If you are a pet owner who has started working from home, you have probably experienced a cat butt interrupting an important business Zoom meeting, or a dog who loves to start barking as soon as you log onto a call.

Is there a way you can successfully cohabitate and co-work with your furry friends without losing your sanity? Of course there is! Use these tips from Town and Country Animal Hospital to learn how to navigate working from home with pets:

Working From Home With Pets—A Whole New World Of Joy And Struggle

According to a survey from Rover.com, 67 percent of people questioned said their pets improved their mood while working from home.

Even if it does make you happy and calm to look over at your dog or cat during your workday, that does not mean it is necessarily easy to work from home with a coworker who has no internal filter and sometimes grabs snacks from the litter box.

If your pet tends to be hyperactive during the day to the point of distraction, you might want to try some of the following:

  • Take Attention Breaks: Giving your pets extra attention throughout the day will make them feel loved without the need to steal you from another task. Try to schedule some breaks where you put your focus solely on your pet.
  • Find Some Activities That Occupy The Mind: There are plenty of toys for both dogs and cats that require their undivided attention. Consider adding a few puzzle games or automated toys to your collection so you can lean on them when you really need to concentrate on work.
  • Create A Cozy Spot For Lounging: If your canine or feline coworker is having trouble understanding the concept of personal space at work, it might help to purchase a new cozy bed where they can relax. Heated beds or bean bags are wonderful accessories for pets who are “working” from home with you during the winter months.
  • Tire Them Out: The best way to get high-energy pets to calm down during your work day is to help them find a positive way to exert that energy so they get tired enough to chill out while you work. If you can manage it before you start your day, take your dog for an extra long walk or play a collaborative game with your cat.
  • Use The Door: If you really need a pet-free zone in order to finish a project or have an important call, try to put some kind of door in between you and the pet. If you do not have an extra room for your office, you can use their crate or temporarily put your dog or cat in the bedroom or bathroom. Although you might still be able to hear them, it might help you stay focused on the necessary tasks.

Next-Level Help

If you have tried all these tricks and are still having trouble with furry coworkers who seem to have no fear of HR, you might be starting to feel the frustration. The most important thing to remember about working from home with your pets is that it’s new for everyone and we need to be patient with ourselves and our animals.

Try hiding some treats around the house, so your pet will spend some time playing detective and searching for them (just not too many or they might develop a weight problem). Setting up your pet’s bed right next to your workspace might help if nothing else is working. Sometimes all your pet really wants is to be close to you.

If your dog is sociable and plays well with other dogs, Town & Country Animal Hospital’s K-9 Playcare could be another alternative. After a successful evaluation for compatibility, you can choose any number of days for your dog to play and burn off excessive energy.
Town and Country Animal Hospital is here to help you with all your Athens pet care needs. From wellness checks to nutritional counseling, we want to help your pet live a happy, healthy, and long life. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (256) 232-069