It wouldn’t be summer without the quintessential summer vacation. Whether you’re zipping off for a quick weekend road trip or have a more leisurely plan in mind, bringing your pet along for the ride can add an element of fun and laughter to your adventure.

As nice as it can be to have your four-legged family members with you, traveling with pets requires a bit of extra planning and preparation. Your friends at Town and Country Animal Hospital are happy to share our tried and true tips for a safe and successful vacation with your pet.

Tips And Tricks For Traveling With Pets

We know that your pet’s safety and comfort is your top priority. Even the most laid-back pets (and pet parents) will feel more relaxed and secure if you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s ahead of time.

  • Visit us first – Before heading off into the wild blue yonder, make sure to schedule a summer wellness exam for your pet first. We will make sure they are up to date on the necessary vaccinations and parasite prevention, and that they are healthy enough for travel.
  • Microchip and more – Keep your pet’s collar with current ID tags on at all times. If you haven’t had your pet microchipped, or the chip information needs updating, take care of this prior to your trip.
  • Get the gear – Bring along plenty of food, fresh water, bowls to eat and drink from, along with extra doses of any medications your pet is taking. Protective rain gear, towels (for drying off), and a pet first aid kit are also useful. Some comforts of home such as your pet’s bedding or favorite chew toy will help your pet to feel more relaxed while staying in an unfamiliar place.
  • Take breaks – Plan ahead for frequent breaks at rest stops and other areas where pets are welcome. Never leave your pet in parked vehicle, even for a moment. The temperature inside parked cars can soar to deadly levels, even when parked in the shade and with the windows cracked.
  • Restrain ‘em – For their own safety, as well as yours, pets should not be allowed to roam freely inside a vehicle. Research crates/car restraints before choosing one that will work for your pet, and be sure to allow your pet time to become accustomed to it prior to the trip.
  • Paperwork – Air travel, especially if you’re going to a different country, requires that your pet have a health certificate and other necessary paperwork. Contact us as soon as you know your travel destination so that we can help you get started on your pet’s health certificate requirements and meet any other deadlines on time.
To learn more about safe traveling with pets, or to make an appointment for your furry loved ones, don’t hesitate to contact the staff at Town and Country Animal Hospital.