For humans, intelligence and smarts can come in many different forms. It is no different when it comes to dog breeds! “Smart” can mean many things depending on the dog themselves. Different dog breeds come with different traits, and each pet is unique in their intelligence and ability. Some dog breeds are more motivated by their desire to please their humans, for example, while other breeds have natural instincts that allow them to be better at performing jobs and tasks.

While all dog breeds have their quirks, any dog can be trained with some nurturing and patience from their pet parents. The key is to understand your dog’s breed well, and to recognize their specific abilities and traits. The more time and patience you spend with your dog during training exercises, the more you will understand their instincts, character, and nature.

Whether you’re a new dog owner, or have had canine companions your entire life, there are many things to consider when adopting a new pet. To help you differentiate between character traits and intelligence, the team at Town & Country Animal Hospital has put together a list of the world’s smartest dog breeds and what they are known for:

Working Breeds: Military and Police

Breeds such a German shepards, Belgian malinois, doberman pinschers, and rottweilers are used often as police and military working dogs. Their focus, trainability, endurance, loyalty, and high energy make them dedicated, smart workers, and perfect for demanding jobs.

Beagles and bloodhounds are known for their great sniffers and strong sense of smell, and will often be used by law enforcement and military units to assist with detecting drugs, bombs, or other substances.
Hunting and Herding Breeds
Border collies and Australian cattle dogs are hard working dogs that are great herders. They are high energy and highly intelligent breeds. Labrador retrievers and German shorthaired pointers are also great at chasing, retrieving, and sniffing. Other breeds, such as hound dogs (bloodhounds, basset hounds, Irish wolfhounds, etc), are great at tracking squirrels and other creatures, while some breeds make better “bird-dogs.”

Helping Breeds

Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Australian shepherds, border collies, boxers, poodles, and any combination hybrid breed of the former all make great guide dogs. Many different dog breeds have the ability to be trained to be guide dogs for different purposes, such as a guide for the visually impared or to assist those with disabilities.

Many other breeds of dogs make great therapy dogs, who are there to help their owners during times of emotional stress, those going through medical treatments, or people recovering from disasters. Breeds such as pomeranians, beagles, pugs, Yorkshire terriers, French bulldogs, greyhounds, and many more are attentive, loyal, smart, and caring with their humans.

What to Consider When Picking a Dog Breed

There are many things to consider when choosing a dog breed that best suits your family and your lifestyle. While many breeds are highly intelligent, make sure you are picking a breed that has the right temperament and lifestyle needs as your own. For example, if you are an outdoorsy type of person that likes to explore and be active on a regular basis, maybe one of the hunting or herding dog breeds would best fit in with your family.
No matter what your lifestyle looks like, the team at Town & Country Animal Hospital is here to help you choose the right dog breed for your family. Contact us today for more tips and animal wellness care for you and your furry family members.